Ziti the cat has escaped! Have you seen her?

Ravenna Park neighbors in particular: We have a lost cat alert for you.

Ziti the Indoor Cat, pictured below, slipped out on the night of Sunday, July 14 and hasn’t been seen since.


The details, via email from the Hooning family (emphasis ours):

Our cat, Ziti, got out of our home at 62nd and Ravenna Ave NE on 7/14, and hasn’t been seen since. She is a four year old torby (tortoise shell/tabby), medium size, wearing a light blue collar with bees and flower design, and may be shy with strangers. Our cats have been indoor cats since we adopted them from Cat City last summer, so we’re concerned that Ziti has gotten lost or injured (we live a block from the ravine.) Please call if you see her (bonus points if you can catch her and keep her), and we’ll come by when we can to try to get her home.

If you see any signs of Ziti, please call 719-7815.


  1. As of August 16, Ziti is still missing. Please keep an eye out for her!

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