90% design open house time for Roosevelt Station (UPDATES, LIVE COVERAGE)

It’s been a good while since the last Roosevelt Light Rail Station meeting — October 2014 for the last construction open house, April 2012 for the 60% design open house. But that certainly doesn’t mean the station construction site hasn’t been busy.


One of the plexiglass viewing windows on the south side of the Roosevelt Station construction area. The walls of the station box were formed first, underground. Since then, the soil in the box has been steadily removed. The two tunnel boring machines put in at the Maple Leaf Portal to the north will emerge from the far side of this pit.

The Roosevelt Station box excavation has come a long way since those meetings, and both tunnel boring machines are steadily making their way south from the Maple Leaf Portal. The first of the two, Brenda, is due to arrive in Roosevelt sometime this spring*.

And just what is this station going to look like in the future, when the boring machines are long gone and all this construction is over? We’ll find that out soon.

Sound Transit is holding the 90% design open house on Wednesday, February 25, in the Roosevelt High School commons (1410 NE 66th Street). Open house time is 6-8 PM, with a presentation starting at 6:30 PM.

From the open house press release:

At the meeting, you’ll see:

  • Updated station design graphics
  • Latest designs for station art
  • Station and tunneling construction update

The view west from Roosevelt High School’s “front porch.”

In the past, we’ve provided live coverage of these meetings, usually  the same post as the meeting announcement. We plan on doing the same for this meeting as well, if the smart phone reception strength permits; however, our current provider seems to have trouble getting through the thick walls of Roosevelt High School, so live coverage might not be possible.

Whatever happens with cellular service, we will be taking notes during the meeting (just as if we were doing our usual live coverage) and readers will find our observations available here, once we get back home to HQ.


*We’re waiting for a more exact date from Sound Transit, and we’ll update “spring” when we’ve got it. Early 2015 for sure, though.

UPDATE (7:08 PM): We’ve heard from Kimberly Reason with Sound Transit who says the agency isn’t saying boo about an arrival time right now, “not even general windows.” Hopefully it’s safe to say that Brenda will likely arrive before 2021, though.

UPDATE (Tuesday, February 24): An update on the project from Sound Transit today contained the following tunnel boring machine location information:

The first of two tunnel boring machines is expected to arrive at the Roosevelt Station site within the next few weeks. Launched in July, it’s currently working its way through the ground just a couple blocks north of the excavation site. It’s already traveled more than 7,400 feet from the Maple Leaf portal.

The other tunnel boring machine is following a parallel path for a future southbound tunnel. It was launched November 2014 and has traveled more than 1,500 feet to just north of NE 85th Street.

UPDATE (Friday, February 27): The slides from Wednesday’s presentation have been posted. Click the image below to download the 14.9 MB PDF.


South entrance of the Roosevelt Light Rail Station, as seen from the SE corner of NE 65th Street and 12th Avenue NE (Toronado corner). Click to download the 14.9 MB PDF of the presentation.


Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:34 PM

Question time over! Back to open house. My live coverage ends, so I can take more pictures.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:33 PM

Q: When can I turn left on to 12th?

A: North half is mostly done (waiting to pour asphalt. South half is still being worked on. Should be done by/in spring.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:31 PM

Q: Weedin Place (further west) design influence on the 66th green street?

A: Street scape design guidelines worked out prior to Weedin Place plans, but it was thought of as connected. (Vague.)

Greenway is more about calming traffic, emphasis on the street being shared between vehicles and bicycles. Greenspace is more pedestrian friendly.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:28 PM

Q: “I’m sorry, but I have a question about parking.”

A: Parking on east side of 12th, no longer on west side. Two lanes of northbound travel remains. 3-minute wait zones on 66th near station. Parking on north and south side of 66th otherwise. However, there is a green street plan for this street and there will be more process around that.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:25 PM

Q: Jim O’Halloran asking about bus stop changes.

A: Some stops near the station (on 65th, on Roosevelt and on 12th) would either be combined or removed to focus Metro service at the station entrances.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:22 PM

Q: More detail on bike info?

A: 100 racks once station is open. Talking to SDOT about bike share as well.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:20 PM

Q: Anticipated train capacity? Frequency?

A: Can run four trains once U-Link opens. 62K riders per day by 2030. Frequency will increase over time, but 4-6 minutes during peak periods. 12ish during non-peak.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:18 PM

Q: Above street power/phone lines going below?

A: Cost prohibitive, so they’ll be staying above.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:17 PM

Q: Seattle Ped Board Jacob (blind Roosevelt resident) mentioning his issues with getting around on local sidewalks due to construction issues. One ramp in particular is trouble.

A: Street restoration is happening…and he’ll talk with staff after for more specifics.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:13 PM

Q: No tailings out at Roosevelt? Is that right?

A: No spoils out at Roosevelt. Correct. If three TBMs were used (old plans), spoils would have left Roosevelt Station as TBMs headed south from Roosevelt to the UW Station.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:11 PM

Q: Previous presentation spoke of three TBMs. Just two still?

A: Contractor is using two (Brenda and Pamela [?]) now. Will continue through to the UW Station.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:10 PM

Question time!

Q: Compass rose in the building? Wayfinding for station exits?

A: Can take that into consideration (compass), but ample wayfinding signage. Art also designed to help people orient themselves within the station.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:08 PM

This captured motion art is repeated through the station down to the platform level, following the staircases and escalators down.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:08 PM

Luca Buvoli doing interior art. Inspired by stop motion animation, theme is motion. South entrance theme is cycling, north entrance theme is running. Piece moves from floor to wall tile to the glass windows, back to tile, and then out into the air (like a page of a pop-up book). If you’re familiar with the light cycles from TRON, with a cycle trailing a stripe of light showing its previous locations, the look of the piece is similar.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:05 PM

Permanent station pieces. R&R Studios is creating a space with a large piece to serve as a permeable wall to one side of the space. (2.5 stories tall? 3?)

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:03 PM

Sound Transit art guy now talking about three locations for art at the station on the 12th Avenue NE side.

But first talking about the temporary art for the Big Green Wall (65th and 12th, along 12th and at 66th on the Roosevelt Way NE side.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20157:01 PM

Outside the station is natural and organic, station platform level is very industrial.

North entry has same walls topped with art-covered glass (think applied flowing stained glass, maybe covering 15% of the glass).

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:59 PM

Old Standard signage! Will cap the south entry ticketing area.

Tops of walls surrounding the south entry escalators and stairs will be glass blocks which let in light and also have art upon them (illuminated by said natural light).

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:58 PM

The second mezzanine sticks off the center of the wall as a peninsula (does not cross the entire station box). View of the tracks below as people move up and down.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:56 PM

Bicycle lockers, racks, and a cage. Cage opens with our ORCA card. All covered, with skylights. And benches. Attached to NE 66th Street plaza space (afternoon sun here), and adjacent to vehicle pick-up/drop-off zones.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:54 PM

Through entries, down stairs to a mezzanine, and then a second mezzanine, before reaching the bottom of the station and the trains.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:52 PM

Each entrance has ticketing, elevator, stairs and escalators. North entry is higher (station is on a slight hill), and therefore the stairs and escalators are longer.

Architect now showing us a cross-section of the station, referring to this as “looking at the iceberg.”

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:49 PM

Three types of bike storage (more later). Plants around the sidewalk and station are robust, but short and colorful. Trees also colorful and will change through the seasons, and compliment the colors of the station.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:48 PM

North entry (67th and 12th). Smaller than the south entry — this is the neighborhood-facing entry, vs. the south entry on 65th. Another eave covers the 12th side and the 67th side.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:47 PM

NE 66th Street plaza has seating, bicycle storage access, art… more on this later.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:47 PM

Looking now at south entry (65th/12th). Lots of natural light coming into the south side of the station here. Lots of windows facing the “porch” of this station entrance. Exterior entry space is covered on the 65th side and the 12th side.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:45 PM

Architect speaking now. We’re looking at a birdseye perspective of the station site. Cream-colored walls along the street sides define the entries. Plazas on 65th, and 66th.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:43 PM

Contractor has decided to run all the tailings for the entire Northgate Link (Maple Leaf Portal to University of Washington Station) on conveyor belts all the way out through the Maple Leaf Portal. No muck trucks from Roosevelt, or U-District Station (once UD station box excavation is complete).

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:41 PM

Current work in the station box is preparing for tunnel boring machine arrival. Concrete bases have been poured where the first TBM (Brenda) will break through the north end of the station box in two weeks or so. Ring segments for the next portion of the tunnel down to the U-District Station are arriving in Roosevelt now.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:39 PM

Utility moving near the station (65th and 12th) is completed, and street restoration has begun (street surface itself, plus surface around it.)

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:38 PM

Trransit-Oriented Development public engagement to begin in the fall of this year (large QFC parcel, and a few other parcels, now used for construction staging. Targeting 2018 to start competitive bid process, with hopes that land is available for developers in 2020.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:36 PM

Station design for Roosevelt continues into the fall. Station excavation is ending, tunneling continues into 2016. Station construction after that, taking two years, and official opening still on for 2021 at this time.

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:35 PM

Opening with the usual description of the entire Northgate Link. (At this point, it’s a little like catching the reader up to Harry Potter and his friends at the start of book five.)

Rebecca Nelson February 25, 20156:32 PM

Good evening! I think I found some internet in the RHS cafeteria, so let the live coverage commence!


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