Book Shuffle

The Ravenna Third Place Books shelving arrangement redesign is still taking shape.  Here’s a shot from about halfway to the cafe, looking back toward the door:

Among the changes I noticed during a brief walkthrough this afternoon:

  • The cashier’s counter has been moved to just inside the door on the right (if you’re walking in).
  • The craft and food section is no longer in a easy-to-walk-by-and-browse-through friendly aisle.
  • For those more geographically-inclined, many shelves that were situated north-south are now east-west (lots of this to the right of where this picture was taken).
  • The browse-friendly, wide-aisled U-shaped path (front door to cafe to magazines to kids’ section) is REALLY cramped now over by where philosophy used to be.

It’s still very much a work in progress, clearly: Books and pieces of shelves are everywhere.  The Ravenna TPB website says that the buy counter will be open again on Monday.  If that means that everything is back on a shelf and the store is shipshape again, we’ll eat our copy of A Cat in the Hat.

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