Continuing power outage in Wedgwood (restored)

UPDATE (8:45 am): We have confirmation from a Wedgwood Power Outage sibling that some power was restored around 11:30pm that night.

UPDATE (6:41 am): Looks as though power has been restored to customers throughout the affected area at some point after after my last update (Seattle City Light System Status page now shows zero outages).

UPDATE (12:40 am): Power has been partially restored to the affected area. Seattle City Light System Status page now showing only 2 outages affecting 241 customers.

At approximately 2:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon, a Ravenna Blog twitter feed follower up in the Wedgwood/Matthews Beach/Meadowbrook area had her lights flicker and die, only to come on about a half an hour later.

But some of her neighbors were not so lucky.

Nearly 400 customers are still without power in an area of Wedgwood bordered by 30th Avenue NE, NE 90th St, 45th Ave NE and NE 82nd St (information from Seattle City Light’s System Status page; see the graphic below for greater detail).

Power-outage affected area as of 11:20 pm on Wednesday, October 27

Specially tagged areas of the map at the source give an estimated number of affected customers, an estimated power restoration time, and a cause (though not specific). This Seattle City Light’s System Status page is updated every 15 minutes.

For this current outage, two of the three tags have lapsed restoration times listed.  All three have “Equip fail” listed as causes.

Another way to access outage information (and to report an outage) is to call Seattle City Light at (206) 684-7400.  However, you need a phone number within the affected area to hear or report outage information for that area.


Unfortunately, that is all the information on this outage that I can find at this time. I’m left to publish an update in the morning.


  1. I’m at 6839 35th Ave NE 98115 how long till power will be restored?

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