Dryer fire in North Ravenna Sunday night (PHOTOS)

Hose trailing from one of the engines responding to Sunday night’s call.

Seattle Fire Department units responded to a “fire in single family residence” call at 7:23 PM Sunday night on the 7500 block of 24th Ave NE.

Home where the fire occurred and Engine 40 from Wedgwood.

The fire was confined to a dryer. The tenant of home sustained minor injuries while attempting to put the fire out, and he was treated at the scene.

Tenant of the home being treated by fire department staff for his minor injuries.

Scene incident chief and a fire fighter checking out the washer/dryer unit after it was removed from the home.

The home was aired out with fans and was ruled safe for the tenant to reenter. Good results all around.

Two gentlemen from Fire Station 16 in Green Lake were kind enough to pause for a picture before their engine headed back into service.

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