Edible Garden Preview


Since I’m on the tour myself this year, I’ve had a sneak peak at the garden descriptions list.

Here are some of the things you can see if you take the tour (on Sunday, May 23, from 11am-5pm):

  • raised vegetable beds
  • bees (honey and mason)
  • worm bins
  • wear-round gardening
  • “squish” gardening
  • composting
  • a 20,000 square foot garden (no foolin’!)
  • vertical gardening
  • a Hugelkulture mound
  • a cob oven
  • Forest Gardening
  • fruit trees
  • the Lawn Gone house (see the YouTube videos [part one and part two] of the process)

Children’s activities include: Potting up seeds, feeding ducks, soil in a microscope, making plantable pots crafts, and urban farm BINGO!

There's no place like gnome.

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