Happy Spring!

Why plant crocuses when you can plant rhubarb?

At 10:14 PM PDT last night, the plane of the earth’s axis was parallel to the sun. Exciting stuff, no?

Okay, perhaps not. But it does mean that spring is HERE, with its longer days, stronger sunlight, and that blissful first day of warm weather in the early afternoon that makes you peel off your wool sweater for the first time since September. Ahhhhh.


Dear Reader, you may have noticed it has been rather quiet around here recently.

This was partially due to my finishing up the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association Spring 2012 Newsletter (I am on the Communications Committee).

But it was mostly due to the site getting hacked.

If you visited the Ravenna Blog at any time during the past few weeks and ended up elsewhere* instead, we sincerely apologize.

A vigorous bout of spring cleaning has purged the site of all the nefarious code, and things are now as they should be.

Happy spring, friends.


*Please don’t make me say where. We’re so embarrassed we could die as it is.

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