Let’s talk about TRAFFIC!

I’ll start.

I don’t commute to and fro work like I imagine many of you do, so my observations on what the NE 45th Street Viaduct Detour has meant to me will likely be different from some of yours.  Nor have I taken a tour of the entire detour route.

But here are some detour issues I’ve noticed (click on the map to open it in Google Maps):

Click me to open in Google Maps

  1. I’ve actually been remembering that the viaduct is CLOSED, and taken alternate routes! [This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.]
  2. Just yesterday I saw workers putting up “NO PARKING from 4-7pm” signs along the east side of 25th Ave NE. That side of the street is already marked as “NO PARKING from 3-6pm.” Why the different times?
  3. The backup to turn left onto westbound NE 65th St from northbound 25th Ave NE is worse more times of day than it used to be. So glad for that green arrow.
  4. The parking spots on the south side of NE 65th St through Downtown Ravenna (and further to the west) have “NO PARKING from 4-7pm” signs posted on them, too.
  5. Turning left onto 15th Ave NE from westbound NE 65th Ave was hard before. And now it’s worse!
  6. Driving to the View Ridge PCC I noticed two orange detour signs pointing EAST on the EASTBOUND side of the street! That can’t be right. I checked the opposite direction today and there are none across the street, so that’s probably where they’re supposed to be.

So, those are my observations. Have any to add? Let me know in the comments, or email me (rebecca [at] ravennablog.com).

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