Mission Statements

ARRRRRRROne of my goals with the Ravenna Blog is to keep things as local to Ravenna as possible.

[However, if I see President Obama walking down 15th Avenue NE eating frozen custard from Peaks, and I’m across the street (hopefully with my camera), heck YES, I’m going to write a post about that.]

There are a number of other NE Seattle blogs that can keep you and yours updated on the doings and transpirings of the greater NE Seattle area. Most of them also have Facebook and Twitter accounts, too.

The Seattle P-I has a reader blog for North Seattle that anyone can write posts for.

KOMO TV has started their own “communities” pages. Northeast Seattle is currently represented by Green Lake KOMO, Lake City KOMO, North Seattle KOMO, University District KOMO, and View Ridge KOMO. And, apparently, they’re all on Facebook AND Twitter, too. Gotta hand it to that Kathi Goertzen for putting all that together. [I kid. It was really Dan Lewis.]

The Seattle Times has partnered with various blogs across the city to create the Seattle Networked News Initiative. I really like the Team Effort Journalism idea, but Northeast Seattle has no coverage in it whatsoever. Here’s a link to the description of the project, which also includes contact information.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff (Crosscut?). Do let me know what it was, and I’ll update my list and blogroll.

I’m also not going to post something every day.  For one, this ain’t Capitol Hill, or the U District. Things are a little quieter up here. For two, I want to stay excited about this little project and focus on churning out quality interesting stuff. I’m sure you want that, too. And, for three, it’s just me typing this thing. I’ve only got so many hands!

Lastly — for SURELY, this post has gone on long enough — I can only find so much fuel for this blog with my own eyes and ears. Ravenna Blog needs YOU.

Please contact me (rebecca [at] ravennablog.com) if you have news to share, neighborhood questions to ask, events to take part in, plants you’ve dug up and don’t want anymore,…whatever.

I look forward to serving you, dear reader, and the rest of Ravenna as best I can.


  1. jseattle says:

    “I’m also not going to post something every day. For one, this ain’t Capitol Hill, or the U District. Things are a little quieter up here.”

    Yeah, we used to say stuff like that, too! 🙂

    Welcome to the fun!

  2. I used to follow you guys more closely (the family church is on Pike and Bellevue), but then I just couldn’t keep up!

    I will say, though, that your coverage of the fire at the Marion Apartments in October 2008 was phenomenal, and was my first glimpse of the true power of local blogging.

    You’ve got a Pulitzer from me, for what it’s worth.


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