New look for the Ravenna Blog, coming soon

Dear Reader,

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Call it a sneak peek at your Christmas present.

We’re in the midst of redesigning the site.

You see, thanks to those ads you see down the righthand side of this page, we now have the means to invest a bit more back into the business. (Many thanks, ad partners.)

And we’re starting with investing in the website itself.

The overall look will stay much the same — Ravenna banner at the top, text on the left, ad space and a few other things on the right — but gain a more professional-looking, cleaner theme.

And more features! Such as:

  • TABS!
  • In-page CONTACT form, for tips and questions!
  • A FORUM, so you can create your own topics for discussion!
  • TABS!
  • Handy list of neighboring websites in Northeast Seattle!
  • A larger, more readable font!
  • TABS!

(We’re very excited about those tabs.)

Now, when can you expect to see this new and improved Ravenna Blog? We don’t have an exact date planned, but keep look for a change between now and the new year.

Until then, dear reader, if you would really, really like a peek at the look of the new site, simply click on the logo below (SPOILER ALERT):

We hope you like it, and look forward to your feedback once the new site goes live.


the Ravenna Blog staff

P.S. If you’re curious about how the FORUM will work, we’ll be using the same plugin that runs the West Seattle Blog’s forums. Check it out.


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