Note from Councilmember Godden

Boy, it’s fun to open up the ol’ inbox these days.

Received the following from Councilmember Jean Godden’s office (on Tuesday, I’d sent her the letter about opposing the Sisleyville rezoning):

Thank you for your letter expressing concerns about RDG’s Comprehensive Plan Amendment #8. As you may already know the Committee on Built Environment passed an amended version of Resolution 31233 which removed Amendment #8 from the proposed docket.

On Monday the full council will likely vote on the committee’s recommendation. It is my intention to vote in favor of the resolution as amended.

Thanks again for taking the time to share with your concerns. It is important for me to understand constitutes feelings on matters as important as this.

My Regards,

Jean Godden
Seattle City Councilmember

Let’s tally them up: Clark, Bagshaw and Burgess (the COBE committee) and Godden = FOUR for removing the RDG amendment.

Now, let’s see what we can do about those other five, shall we?

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