Obama-cade: The video!

President Obama’s motorcade heads down NE 75th Street through Ravenna and into Wedgwood for his Seattle Backyard Conversation.

Filmed from the corner of 23rd Avenue NE and NE 75th Street:


  1. Traffic was bad along 65th for a bit, but it looks better now.

    • I sent that out on the tweets (around the time you posted it). Thank you, Ravenna Traffic Copter!

      (I was imagining you in a helicopter, you see.)

  2. omg ok he went past my school in wedgwood eckstein middle school it was awesome

  3. That was surprisingly exciting!

    • So exciting! It was! Can you hear your voice in the video? So sweet.

      Glad you saw him. I haven’t slowed down the video yet to see if I can.

  4. Toddhaskins82 says:

    oh my gosh! I grew up on 75th over near Sand Point Country Club! This is incredible to watch!

  5. Strange country USA.So many poor people and this they spend lots of money at every time he goes by car.Confusing is a small word … !?.


    • I have been reading those same types of comments from people like yourself, located on the other side of the world. I will keep my personal opinion to myself, but I will say that to those of us from the neighborhood, huddled together on the street corners, it certainly seemed like a bit much. Impressive, though, certainly.

  6. OMG, don’t you guys have a life? If this is exciting….
    Get a life and stop spending poor-mans-tax-money!


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