Opposed to Sisleyville rezoning? Let the City Council know TONIGHT!

Want to speak out about the Sisleyville rezoning mess, but are having a hard time finding the words?


The following is a letter drafted by the Roosevelt Neighborhood Blog and the Ravenna Blog (with credit to Jim O’Halloran, chair of the Land Use Committee of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, for the pieces from his recent blog post on the subject [the July 27th entry]) that you can send on to City Councilmembers. If you oppose the Roosevelt Development Group’s rezoning plans, LET THE CITY COUNCIL KNOW.

Read it over, change it up if you’d like, substitute in the appropriate Councilmembers’ names, and send it off.

The meeting to add the RDG’s Comp Plan amendment is TOMORROW MORNING at 9AM.  If you feel strongly about the proposed changes to the zoning in YOUR neighborhood, we urge you to email the City Council TONIGHT.

[Note about Subject Line: Do NOT use the term “rezone”, because this may cause your e-mail to be screened out of Councilmember’s mail.   The RDG contract rezone process is now considered “quasi-judicial”, which means that Councilmembers cannot have any direct communication with affected parties.  The Comp Plan amendment process, on the other hand, is openly conducted.]

Send to:

Sally Clark, sally.clark@seattle.gov
Sally Bagshaw, sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov
Tim Burgess, tim.burgess@seattle.gov
Tom Rasmussen, tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov

Jim O’Halloran, the chair of the Land Use Committee of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, also recommends you write to Councilmembers Jean Godden (jean.godden@seattle.gov) and Bruce Harrell (bruce.harrell@seattle.gov), who each seem to have taken a special interest in Roosevelt land use issues.  Of course it can’t hurt to contact each of the nine City Councilmembers (individually is best, but it’s OK to “cc” councilmembers).


Subject Line: Reject amendment #8 from the 2010-2011 Seattle Comp Plan

Dear <Councilmember>,

As a resident of the Roosevelt/Ravenna neighborhood, I am writing to urge you and all other City Council members to reject amendment #8 from the 2010-2011 Comprehensive plan policy docket.

The Roosevelt Development Group (RDG) has submitted an application to City Council, to amend the Seattle Comprehensive Plan. The RDG proposal, among other things, would annex several properties in Ravenna near 15th Ave NE and NE 65th St to become part of the Roosevelt Urban Village. Moreover, the RDG Comp Plan amendment does not meet all of the necessary criteria, and would change some of the key provisions in the recently updated Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan, especially as it relates to the preservation of single family housing.

1.      The RDG Comp Plan amendment does not meet Council’s requirement that the applicant has conducted “outreach” with the affected community. A key criterion for docketing this item is to engage the neighborhood in the review process before final Council consideration of this amendment. Neighbors were only aware of the existence and content of the RDG’s 2009 and 2010 Comp Plan amendment applications after they were filed with the City. No Comp Plan outreach has occurred. The applicant listed a series of community meetings as evidence of outreach, but in none of these meetings, or at any other time, did specific discussion of the Comp Plan amendments take place between the applicant and the community. As a resident of Roosevelt/Ravenna, I am offended that this has been misrepresented by the applicant.

2.      An existing neighborhood planning process has already taken place and rezoning recommendations were presented by the community in July 2006. The Community’s land use recommendations cover the entire station area, unlike RDG’s Comp Plan, which would address only a corner of the community. To accept a developer’s proposal—even just for study—ahead of and around a longstanding community request, sends a very discouraging message to neighborhoods across the City about the value of our volunteer efforts in neighborhood planning.

3.      The applicant does not have the neighborhood in its best interests. The Roosevelt Development Group (RDG) and Hugh Sisley (the property owner) have allowed their properties to become run-down to the point where they are an eyesore, a danger to the community, and hurt property values in the surrounding area. They have had little regard for the Roosevelt and Ravenna communities in the past, and cannot possibly have the well being of the neighborhood in mind for the future. This type of behavior should not be rewarded.

I support the position outlined by the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) and strongly oppose further consideration of Comp Plan amendment #8.

Thank you,

<your name and email address here>


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