Plea in Noll shooting case expected Monday morning (PHOTOS, LIVE COVERAGE)

On the morning of Monday, October 8, I’ll be traveling from Ravenna to the King County Courthouse for Dihn Bowman’s arraignment hearing, when his defense team will enter a plea. In the space below, I’ll be live blogging my journey downtown and the events at the courthouse as they happen.

An appeal¬†for a strong showing of Yancy’s friends and supporters at the arraignment was made on the Yancy Noll Memorial Facebook page. It reads, in part:

Prosecuting attorney Scott O’Toole wants a full courtroom on October 8th, for the arraignment of Yancy Noll’s accused killer. He wants to show the judge how wide a circle Yancy touched. How big a hole this criminal left in our community. If you knew Yancy, or knew someone who knew him, or even if you just generally have a good opinion of wine stewards, hell, wine even! There! If you like wine and are upset at the absence of a good answer man about vino, come to the King County Superior Court in Seattle at 8:30am on Monday October 8th. Follow the crowd to the courtroom. This man’s loving reach into our community was longer and wider than any one of us knows.

Dihn Bowman is being charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Yancy Noll on August 31. Bowman was arrested at his home in Ravenna on September 12 21 (tip leading to his arrest was called in to on September 12), and is being held without bail in the King County Jail.

UPDATE (1:42 PM): KOMO News has their report up here (video will auto-play).

UPDATE (11:27 AM): Bowman and his defense team have entered a plea of NOT GUILTY. Photos from this morning follow, as goes the morning’s live coverage.

View from 4th Avenue looking up at the King County Courthouse, the sky bridge from King County Jail, and a waning moon.


4th Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse.


Close-up of 4th Avenue doors.


View from Courtroom 1201, where the arraignment took place.


Left side of the gallery in courtroom 1201.


Right side of courtroom 1201. Picture taken before spectators started to overflow into the hallway.


Suspect Dihn Bowman entering the courtroom.


From left to right: Bowman, defense attorney John Henry Browne, and prosecuting attorney Scott O’Toole, all before Judge Kessler (not pictured).


Spokesman for Yancy Noll’s supporters, Brad Kenny, reading a statement to media gathered in the 12th floor elevator lobby.


Television cameras on Kenny while Prosecutor O’Toole (on right with folders) looks on.


Another shot of Kenny, surrounded by Yancy Noll supporters.


Seattle Times photojournalist John Lok taking a close-up picture of the button that was handed out to Noll supporters in the courtroom this morning.


  1. If possible, can someone speak with Mr. O’Toole regarding the wife, Dr. Jennifer Palm-Bowman – her involvement in the elaborate coverup, ie, will she be charged with accessory after-the-fact or rendering criminal assistance or anything? If not, why not? I think it would be appropriate since she surely must have known WHY she was in Portland to have the car fixed and that Bowman got new tires, not needing them and insisting on taking the original tires with them!

    • Also, I think there are a few lesser known things regarding spouses being held as accessories in law:

      In many jurisdictions a person may not be charged as an accessory to a crime committed by his or her spouse. This is related to the traditional privilege not to testify against an accused spouse, and the older idea that a wife was completely subject to the orders of a husband, whether lawful or illegal.
      In most jurisdictions an accessory cannot be tried before the principal is convicted, unless the accessory and principal are tried together, or unless the accessory consents to being tried first.

      From the utlimate truth Wikipedia – Accessory (legal term). These probably more often protect spouses who may have good reason to be afraid – which might not be too far from the truth considering what we do know about the suspect…

  2. Bernice; a Seattle Times article said re the wife the situation was still “under investigation.” That was right after the arrest.

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