Ravenna-Bryant Community Association board meeting tonight

It’s the first Tuesday of the month (May, in this case), so it’s time once again for a Ravenna-Bryant Community Association board meeting.

As usual, the RBCA board is meeting at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna Avenue NE) from 7-9PM.

Topics include:

  • Reports from all our officers and committee chairs
  • Forming new committees for transportation issues, and an
  • Looking at forming a RBCA neighborhood plan.
  • Discussing who our representatives will be for the NEDC, Seattle Community Council Federation, and SPD’s North Precinct Advisory Council.
  • Per Johnson from the Wedgwood Community Council will attend to coordinate our neighborhood plans and provide general support from a neighboring community council
  • Paulo Nunes-Ueno from Children’s Livable Streets Initiative will give a 10 minute presentation

This is a board meeting, but anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend.


Along with regularly-reoccurring monthly board meetings, the RBCA also has a new homepage (ravennabryant.org). There, you can find contact information, by-laws, meeting dates, meeting minutes, and more.

[Full disclosure: Yours truly is one of the people who maintains the website. New board member, Aaron Keating, is the other.]

And speaking of the new homepage, draft minutes from the April 5th meeting are now available (here, on the Minutes page).

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