Ravenna snow picture post! (UPDATES)

My favorite thing about snow falling is how it makes the neighborhood look — which calls for a picture post!



Adam Merrill sent us "Snowman-Henge" from the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center playfield.

Joel Magalnick caught the Snowman-Henge makers in action.


Somebirdy out there has cold feet. (Ravenna Community Garden)

Snow on the ground? Swiss chard don

A Snow Family appears! This is 3/4 of the clan. Rock Head is the character on the far right. (7000 block of Ravenna Ave NE)

Patriarch of the Snow Family, Cowboy Bob.

Ben the Dog! Awww.

And this is Theo the Cat. I believe the red bit is the tail.

Normally located in the tropical rainforest belt of north Ravenna (7000 block of 23rd Ave NE), these two palm trees were unprepared for the sudden change of weather.

The palm trees


David Washington was

My neighbor

This guy looks a little cold.

Have any good shots of your own to share? We’d be happy to help show them off to the rest of the neighborhood here. Send them to rebecca@ravennablog.com, or link to them in the comments.

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