Shooting at Cafe Racer in Roosevelt (UPDATES)

UPDATE (Thursday, May 31): Around 10 PM last night, the suspect and a fourth victim at Cafe Racer were reported to have both died of their injuries. Here is the AP story.

As of this morning, the only survivor of the shootings at Cafe Racer, Leonard Meuse, has had his condition upgraded from critical to serious. He is expected to recover.

UPDATE (5:46 PM): Many news outlets, including this one, had erroneously reported that the suspect had died of his injuries. He is, in fact, alive and continuing to receive treatment at Harborview (via the Seattle Police twitter feed).

UPDATE (5:02 PM): Seattle Police has confirmed that the suspect in the Cafe Racer shootings has died from his self-inflicted gunshot wound. Reported in error.

And they also confirm that the shooting at 8th and Seneca this morning is connected to the suspect.

More on all of that in the Seattle Times (“Suspect in Seattle slayings kills himself”).

And also at the Seattle Times, some good news: The chef at Cafe Racer, who was among those shot this morning, is doing well.

UPDATE (4:34 PM): Just as we were receiving reports of officers arresting someone in the vicinity of 47th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE, there are now reports that the suspect in the Roosevelt shootings was found in West Seattle. When approached by officers, he then turned the gun on himself. Police are saying that this individual was suspected in the shootings in Cafe Racer, but are not commenting on his condition at this time.

More detail from the tail end of the Mayor’s news conference by Assistant Chief James Pugel: Plain closed officers in West Seattle recieved images of the suspect as they were patrolling. One officer identified the suspect and called in uniformed officers to assist. Suspect saw the uniformed officers closing in, knelt down in the street, and shot himself in the head.

Our friends at the West Seattle Blog will have more information on this latest shooting (37th Ave SW and Raymond St) at their website.

UPDATE (4:12 PM)Assistant Chief of the Seattle Police Department, James Pugel, spoke during the Mayor’s live conference this afternoon. Below is the summary:

Just before 11 AM, two 911 call came in: One saying shots fired at 59th and roosevelt, the other transferred to fire, “Dual distpatch” occurs, and both police and fire are dispatched to the scene, arriving at the same time. Police find five people down inside, and no suspect on scene. Two victims were dead at the scene, the others were triaged and transferred to Harborview. Dectectives, gang units, homicide and robbery, UW police, SPD officers on loan to the FBI all showed up to the scene. The area was canvassed, and a K-9 unit was called in. Evidence recovery is ongoing. Pictures from the scene have now been release. He has not been positively identified yet. The 8th and Seneca shooting call comes in around a half hour later.

UPDATE (2:42 PM):Seattle Police department reports that another of the shooting victims has died. Speculation online is that the victims are members of the band God’s Favorite Beefcake, but this is unconfirmed at this time.

UPDATE (12:56 PM):More to add to suspect’s description (via Casey McNerthney’s twitter feed):”New detail about North Seattle shooter: police say his black and white has a white collar. Has dark shirt over it.”

UPDATE (12:30 PM): Vis Casey McNerthney’s twitter feed: “Police telling Ravenna residents to stay inside, not open their doors as search for shooter is nearing second hour.”


Seattle Fire and police responded to a shooting at Cafe Racer (5828 Roosevelt Way NE) right around 11 AM.



Two of the five shooting victims have died, both male. Three other victims include a woman, all of whom have been transported to Harborview Medical Center. The Associated Press reports that all three are in critical condition (12:37 PM, via twitter).

Suspect is still at large. His description is “Suspect is a wht man, 6’1, very thin, curly light brn hair, wearing a white & brn plaid shirt, a long sleeve shirt, and dark pants” via the Seattle Police Department Twitter feed.

Area schools and community centers are on lockdown or operating normally with doors locked.

Updates can be found at the links below, and on our twitter feed, as news develops:


  1. 2 more from Cafe Racer dead per KIRO 7

  2. KIRO corrected that, and only the woman subsequently died. Total of three fatalities, hopefully no more!

  3. Supposedly two of the victims were Drew and Joe, members of GFB. I sure wish somebody would say who the woman was who died.


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