Shooting at NE 75th St and 15th Ave NE on Friday night (UPDATES)

UPDATE (Monday, September 10): The Seattle Police Department has released a sketch of the suspect, as well as some other additional information.

Shortly after two local residents reported hearing “four ‘pops’ in rapid succession” and then a “[h]elicopter overhead, sirens everywhere,” came this post on the Seattle Police Department’s Blotter:

Tonight at approximately 7:26 p.m. officers responded to the 7500 block of 15th Avenue NE for the report of multiple shots fired. Officers arrived on scene and located a male victim in his 40′s who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was taken to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
View August 31 shooting in a larger map The circumstances just prior to the shooting (as well as description of the suspect and the vehicle) are not available at this time, says the Blotter post. However, a local scanner listener reports hearing talk of a “pos suspect driving a red BMW convertible.” We will update this post with any new information on the victim and/or suspect(s) as we get it.

UPDATE (9:14 PM): KING 5’s Jim Forman was at the scene at 7:55 PM and tweeted the following (click the links for photos of the scene):

UPDATE (11:46 PM): KING 5 reported in their 11 PM newscast that the shooting victim has died of his injuries. The Seattle Times has more details about the shooting here.

UPDATE (Saturday, September 1, 6:16 AM): The SPD Blotter post has been updated overnight with more information, including this description of the shooting:

Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect pulled up next to the victim in his car and for reasons yet to be determined, fired multiple rounds at the victim, striking him several times. The suspect then fled the scene in his car and remains at large.

The suspect is described as a white male with dark hair, age 20 to 30, driving a smaller silver or grey BMW. Anyone with information about this incident (identity of the shooter and/or his vehicle) should call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Tip Line at (206) 233-5000. Anonymous tips are welcome.

UPDATE (Saturday, September 1, 5:56 PM): Ravenna resident Jake Z. has taken a few pictures of a growing memorial at the site of the shooting (click the links below if the images are not visible):

UPDATE (Sunday, September 2): The SPD Blotter has been updated with more information on the shooting, including a more detailed description of the suspect and his vehicle:

The suspect’s vehicle is described as a silver BMW Z4 convertible. The car may have recent body damage including a broken out passenger side window.
Several witnesses describe the suspect as a well-dressed White or Asian male in his late 20′s to 30′s with dark, slicked-back hair.

The car looks similar to this one (image from the SPD Blotter):


Footage from a surveillance camera in the Roosevelt Reservoir shows the vehicle on 15th Ave NE around the time of the shooting:

It is now believed that the shooting “may have been directly related to a road rage type of traffic incident.


  1. This is chilling news. My while family and I were out in our driveway Friday evening, around NE 68th and 20th, and a light blue BMW flew over the hill from 18th, getting air, and went exceptionally fast past our house and raced through the intersection going east past the RP Church and on past the community garden heading toward 25th Ave. We speculated about what it could be and this news is bad to hear! Thankful for God’s protection on other neighbors who could have been in harms way if they were driving.

    • My husband confirmed it was actually a silver BMW, not blue as I said above.

      • Thank you for checking back in about that. My own initial report included a possible RED car, and that was info from the police scanner! Now we know why it takes the police a while to get descriptions out: Gotta make sure all the info matches up.

    • Hi Alicia – Did you report this information to the SPD? I am just coming across this information from the memorial page for Yancy. Do you remember any details? Exact time? How many passengers? WA plates? Please help! The Tip Line is 202.233.5000 Thanks – JNoll!/YancyNollMemorialPage

      • I actually did, shortly after posting above last Sunday morning. I also was just interviewed by detectives who followed up on the tip. I’m hopeful it helps!

    • If you saw a BMW flying past your place at the time of this shooting and it was COMING from the direction of the shooting, I would suggest you call the police and report it. NOTHING is left to speculation as evidence. Please call them and give them your report. Get other witnesses names and numbers to them as well.

  2. Holly Miller says:

    I was on a bus that had pulled up to the intersection, I saw the victims car along with the ambulance crew doing their job and trying to save this man. It sends chills through me that that was a shooting!!! I live around that area. Such a sad and scary thing. I hope they catch him soon.

  3. This is just so sad and proves that there should be some gun control. Hope they catch this guy soon and look him up!

  4. My brand-new ascend:


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