Signs of life at the former Osaka Sushi

a mountain of soy deliciousness!I mentally noted the missing “For Lease” sign about a week ago.

And just this evening, walking by on the way to Zeeks Pizza, I saw plastic bags covering the windows AND about six people standing around inside.

I’ll hit up my source for these matters sometime this week, see if he knows anything.

I am excited about another cuisine addition to Downtown Ravenna, but, I have to say, I miss Osaka.  It was the first restaurant we took the newborn kid to (had to walk out twice and walk around a bit before he went to sleep).  And I loved the “Dragon Lady,” so dubbed by reviewers on Yelp who are meanies and have too much time on their hands.  She had PERSONALITY, which I found refreshing and, frankly, required of a small, neighborhood eating establishment.

And she would bring the small fry tofu, which he loves to this day.

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