What the NE 45 St viaduct closure means for Ravenna

It’s June 1, which means we’ve got less than two weeks left until the NE 45st Street viaduct closes until mid-September.

And while you may not use the viaduct much in your own travels, the detours and bonus repaving project may have you feeling the effects where you may not have expected them.

NE 45th viaduct detour route map, SDOT

The Detours

There are two designated Seattle Deparment of Transportation (SDOT) traffic detours during the closure time:

  • A southerly route including 15th Ave. NE, NE Pacific St. and Montlake Blvd
  • A northerly route including 15th Ave. NE, NE 65th St., and 25th Ave. NE

This northerly route will be sending viaduct detourees up and over Ravenna Park, essentially, sending them right through “downtown” Ravenna.

Unofficial northerly detour routes I can anticipate divers trying could include using Ravenna Blvd and/or NE 55th Street to travel from east to west, instead of continuing north to NE 65th Street.  If things get too crazy on those routes, we could ask Maple Leaf where they got their NIMBY-esque “NO THRU TRAFFIC” signage.

The Bonus Project

As a part of the viaduct project, and also starting in June, 22nd Avenue NE (between NE 45th and NE 54th) is getting repaved! Turns out, anticipated construction bids for the viaduct were low enough that the cost savings will be spread out over 22nd Avenue NE in the form of hot, gooey asphalt.

SDOT claims the coordination of these two construction projects will help “minimize impacts to residents.”  That may be, but it’s also going to make it even tougher on those of trying to sneak down NE 54th Street.

For More Information

SDOT has an official NE 45th Street Viaduct Project – West Approach Replacement page, which includes more maps and resources than you could shake a traffic cone at.

There’s a FAQ for you to read as well.

Lastly, if you’re more of a face-to-face learner, SDOT is hosting an open house on June 9, from 4-7 pm, at the University Heights Community Center (5301 University Way NE).

Consider yourselves warned.


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