Your Moment of Ravenna Zen: 5744

So you buy a house on a hill. And no one can see it clearly from the street. And your friends can never find the place. (And neither could ambulances or the police, if it came to that.) So what is a home owner to do?

Well done, 5744.

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  1. Many time my customer say, ” Oh, I saw your car parked on 25th Ave NE” ( my home is in the 5700 block). I have big Pampered Chef sign on my car. It is a busy street!! I have lives here since 1972 and only for a short time on Phinney Ridge. I was so HAPPY to come back to Ravenna in 1981. Love our neighborhood. I would love to be your pampered Chef consultant. Check my website.


  1. on line bingo

    Your Moment of Ravenna Zen: 5744

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