Zaw Artisan Pizza coming to Wedgwood in the new year

Zaw's new home in Wedgwood

Where once there was a Domino’s there shall now be a place that makes take-home pizzas, like the Twice Baked Potato, Pig ‘n Pear, and Tailgate Feast.

Zaw Artisan Pizza is coming to Wedgwood (7320 35th Ave NE).

On or around January 10th is the rumored verified opening date. Exterior preparations due in the next few days are a paint job and new windows. (And a new sign, we’re guessin’.)

Along with a variety of take-and-bake pizzas (featuring many locally sourced and organic ingredients), you can choose from a variety of local beers, wines and sodas. Not sure what pairs with your pie? They’ve already done the research for you: Recommended pairings are listed on the menu.

Salads are offered as well. Among them is a Caesar salad wedge that looks like you could pick it up and eat out out of hand.

Wondering if Zaw will offer home delivery? The answer is YES. Once they’re open for business, from 4:30-9pm you can have your pizza delivered to your door…by BIKE.

Zaw’s other four locations are Capitol Hill, Ballard, Queen Anne and South Lake Union.

UPDATE: Their gluten-free crust will be available at this location as well (via twitter).


Anyone been to any of the other Zaw’s? What did you think? Tell us in the comments.


  1. I adore Zaw Pizza. When I got my first one from the SLU store, a seasonal pumpkin pizza, I thought it couldn’t possibly be worth the hype, but I’m pretty devoted to trying new gluten-free products.

    Then I put it in the oven, and as the scent of the baking pizza filled my apartment, I thought it might change my life.

    Of course, that’s mainly hyperbole. A pizza? Change my life? Ridiculous. But the finished pizza was everything that the aroma promised it would be, and it’s the closest that any pizza, or any other food, for that matter, has come to being life-changing.

  2. Zaw’s has gluten-free crust! You don’t even know how excited this makes me. Yes, Garlic Jim’s has gluten-free crust too, but it is not good pizza.

    Life without wheat keeps getting better and better around here.

  3. Roosevelt Dad says:

    The pizza and concept sound good from this here description. If this is the post-recession’s “new normal”, then I think I am gonna like it. Could it be worse than Domino’s?

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