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About the site

The Ravenna Blog is a community-oriented news and events website for the Ravenna neighborhood in Northeast Seattle.

Not only does the Ravenna Blog cover local news and events in the neighborhood, we also strive to foster community conversation, encourage civic engagement, connect with our surrounding communities and practice community advocacy. (You can read more about our mission here.)

The Ravenna Blog was started in August 2008, and in October 2010 was asked by the Seattle Times to join their Local News Partnership, a network of over 50 local news and content websites in and around Seattle.


“If @RavennaBlog went on vacation during a storm, uh… how would we know what is going on? #completelyserious” – J.C. Beck

“PS I know I can look this [power outage information] up but you are more fun than looking it up” – Leslie Seaton (Fresh Picked Seattle)

“We drove by the SWAT truck just now, and first thing I said is, I bet RB knows what’s up.” – Jen G.

“[I]t’s been fun following you on Twitter and your blog; it’s good community based news, really made me feel a part when I moved here. Thanks for that.” – Thom George (via Facebook)

“Thank you Ravenna blog for being one of the 1st things that made me feel at home when I moved here 2 years ago.” – Lisa

“[W]e do indeed follow @ravennablog – it’s an excellent source of neighborhood news.” – Mayor Mike McGinn’s twitter feed

“You’ve made yourself a welcome part of the area. I love reading your Ravenna blog every day. You’re working like a reporter that gets paid for a beat and doing a nice job. Thanks for that.” – Glenn Roberts, Realtor with Lake and Company Real Estate, author of the Roosevelt-Ravenna Zoning Issues blog, and Ravenna resident