Mark Mullan sentenced (UPDATES)

UPDATE (6:18 PM): Adding in the evening’s TV news coverage of the sentencing today, when it becomes available.

Q13 FOX News (no embedded video here due to autoplay).

KIRO 7 News’ footage on the story from their 5 PM newscast.


  1. Richard Fuhr says:

    Mark Mullan was sentenced to a term at the maximum of the allowable range. But, in his case, only a life sentence, with absolutely no chance of parole, would have been appropriate. If he does not die in prison and gets released, there is an enormous risk that he will just go back to drinking and driving and murdering again. Yes, he is a human being, not a monster, and he may yet “turn his life around”. So if he turns his life around, great, but he needs to stay in prison until he dies. The thought that he might one day drive drunk on our streets again is disgusting. Despite the claims of Mullan’s defense attorney, Mullan has learned nothing and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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