Restaurant Inspection Round-Up


Things have been pretty quiet on the restaurant inspections front lately.  And then these four came across the wire just the other day:

Because of its high inspection score, Ristorante La Piazza will be revisited by inspectors in two weeks for a reevaluation. In fact, it’s probably already happened: Inspection reports are available online two weeks after the fact.

All establishments with Red violations (the violations that are most likely to cause food borne illness) get them dealt with on the spot, no matter the inspection score total.  “Environmental Health Specialists work with operators to make sure that red critical violations are corrected before they leave the establishment,” sayeth the King County Public Health site (my emphasis).

For a more in-depth description of  restaurant inspection scores, read our old post, “Restaurant Inspection Round-Up Redo.”

Furthermore, I’ll offer up a new tag line to these restaurant inspection posts:

Ravenna Blog wants you to know: We’d eat at any of these restaurants, at any time…especially if you’re buying.