Contest! WIN Hyperlocal Oregano!

I was pulling up my carrots in the backyard (to make way for overwintering broccoli), when I found an oregano plant growing in between the rows. Huh!

I already have an oregano plant elsewhere in the backyard (probably the mama of this new one), so I’m looking to find a home for the little guy.

I can haz a home?


The FIRST Ravenna/Bryant neighbor to email me the answer to the following question (in the comments below) will have Oregano Jr. here delivered to his/her doorstep!

  • What was the name of the first postmaster at the Ravenna Post Office?

Good luck!


  1. Ben Gregory says:

    Off the top of my head i think it was Lafayette S. Beck?

  2. What a smart young lad you are. Lafayette S. Beck is correct!

    The plant is going to look GREAT in your tree house’s window herb box. But I’m not sure your ma is gonna be crazy about watering it while you’re at WWU.

    No need to give me address, sir. I can see you from here, neighbor!

    Thanks for playing.

  3. Damn, I was hoping to win that plant! Maybe there will more babies, whaddya think?

  4. Could be, but not until next year.
    But you may get lucky, if Ben tries to take Oregano Jr. up to college with him. I don’t think herbs are allowed in dorm rooms.
    Ha ha.

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