Ziti the cat has escaped! Have you seen her?

Ravenna Park neighbors in particular: We have a lost cat alert for you.

Ziti the Indoor Cat, pictured below, slipped out on the night of Sunday, July 14 and hasn’t been seen since.


The details, via email from the Hooning family (emphasis ours):

Our cat, Ziti, got out of our home at 62nd and Ravenna Ave NE on 7/14, and hasn’t been seen since. She is a four year old torby (tortoise shell/tabby), medium size, wearing a light blue collar with bees and flower design, and may be shy with strangers. Our cats have been indoor cats since we adopted them from Cat City last summer, so we’re concerned that Ziti has gotten lost or injured (we live a block from the ravine.) Please call if you see her (bonus points if you can catch her and keep her), and we’ll come by when we can to try to get her home.

If you see any signs of Ziti, please call 719-7815.

Missing cat, found dog (UPDATE)

Two pet mix-ups to share with you from over the past weekend. Please keep your eyes and ears open!

Lost Cat

Please Help Taz get back home. He was last seen on Tuesday, July 3, near Ravenna Ave NE and NE 70th St.

Taz is a neutered male cat with medium length black fur. He’s almost a year old, and a little smaller than average. He’s an indoor cat, and normally shy around strangers.

Please call,  text, and/or email if you have seen him. Phone number is 406-4111, and the email address is  LostRavennaCat@hotmail.com.


Found Dog

UPDATE (12:42 PM): Dog finder Vanessa tells us that the dog was chipped and the owner has been located!

This guy was found a little further out than Ravenna, but lost animals do wonder about.

This darling medium-sized, neutered, male dog was found the evening of 7/7/13 without any collar on Corliss Ave. N off of 92nd St. (The red harness pictured is a loaner.) He’s mostly black, with tan and white on his chest, legs, and feet. He was spotted on the loose in the same area a couple of weeks back (also collarless that time) but was not able to be apprehended — too fearful, shy, and skittish. Was won over with food and treats this time, and is an incredibly wonderful and loving guy, adapting readily to being around kind adults, kids, and another well-socialized dog. Will be taking him to vet shortly to verify whether he’s chipped. Please be in touch if you think you might know this dog and/or the owner — thank you! Contact info: rutabaga.unicycle@gmail.com.

lost dog

Dog found on Sunday, July 7, on Corliss Ave N off of NE 92nd St. Was also seen roaming in same area in late June.

Beloved metal animals stolen from Ravenna Park playground

Where Lucy the Pika once crouched…

Pika statue from Ravenna Park playground. Used with permission from Seattle Parks and Recreation.

…there is naught but a hole, a bent screw, and the name of the missing critter and her donor family.

Photo courtesy Tracy Sconyers

Photo courtesy Tracey Sconyers

Of the eleven bronze animal sculptures that have graced the Ravenna Park playground since 2008, four reportedly went missing over the weekend: Two pika, a deer mouse, and a mourning dove.

View Ravenna Park playground in a larger map

From resident Tracey Sconyers, who lives near the park (via email):

My girls informed me today [Monday, June 17] that four of the small animal statues are missing from around the Ravenna Park playground. They noticed yesterday (Sunday) that they were gone. I walked over the the park about an hour ago, and it looks like two pika, one deer mouse, and one mourning dove were cut from the rocks. All the missing pieces were along the upper sidewalk area, the one that passes directly in front of the little maintenance building.
Each [sculpture] was custom made for its location, and were a gift to the park, in commemoration for the extensive time and money that several families made to ensure that the playground was renovated.

Sconyers says she has called several local metal recyclers to make them aware of the thefts, and to keep an eye out for the sculptures.

Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Joelle Hammerstad tells us that Parks has already contacted the artist, Rachel Boughton, about possible replacements if the stolen animals are not returned. Good news: The artist still has the molds.

You can see all of the animals that artist Rachel Broughton (Flying Dog Press and Gallery)  made for the playground here.

Photo courtesy Tracey Sconyers

Photo courtesy Tracey Sconyers

You can view the Friends of Ravenna Playground site here, thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. The playground was renovated with money from grants and fundraising, and reopened with new play equipment in 2007.

Python loose in the park! But which park?

We got a voice mail from North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnston this afternoon at 2:50 PM, saying, “I hope you’re not at Cowen Park playfield…uh playground. A seven-foot yellow python got loose and he’s headed for the playground.”

Now, that’s an amusing story, but Cowen Park is not in Ravenna. So I just mention the missing snake on twitter, like this:

A few minutes later, the official Seattle Police Department twitter feed says this:

Oh no! Wrong neighborhood! And wrong park! Lower case “p” or not, people are going to get confused!

But I check with Terrie Johnston again, to make sure. “61st and Brooklyn Cowen Park” is the email reply.

View Snake on the loose! in a larger map

Decidedly NOT Ravenna Park.

But the damage has been done. The SPD tweet has now been REtweeted over 300 times (probably because of that “Snakes on a Plane” movie reference being clever and all).

And, of course, someone has started a new twitter feed…FOR THE SNAKE:

Thankfully, the SPD just updated the story on their blog, and you can read it here (“Officers On Python Patrol After Snake Escapes In Ravenna Neighborhood“).

An excerpt for you:

As police officers and officials from Seattle parks department and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife search the neighborhood and Cowen/Ravenna Park for the snake, you and your small pets should keep to the trails, and stay away from drainage ditches, thick foliage, and hollow logs, according to Seattle’s resident snake expert, Peter Miller.

Miller, reptile keeper at Woodland Park Zoo, estimates the snake is around 15-20 pounds and says it “has the potential” to be dangerous. ”These guys are ambush predators,” he says. “They find a well protected covered area and they sit and they wait.”

KING 5 news Reporter John Langeler got the location right, though:

And it looks like Seattle Parks and Recreation has put up signage.

John Langeler / KING 5

If Timid the Albino Python is found (yeah, his name is Timid), we’ll let you know here.

Red Card: Luna the Soccer Dog stolen Saturday night (FOUND)

UPDATE (Monday, March 5, 2:42 PM): Confirmation from Anita that Luna has been found!

Yes — the fliers and announcements worked and someone took the dog away from the woman who had stolen her — called us and we got her back on the Ave this morning.

UPDATE (Monday, March 5, 9:21 AM): We now have a description of Luna’s abductor (via email from Anita):

The SPD has confirmed that Luna was spotted with a known transient female — Renee Gundersen — on the ave today. Ms. Gundersen is a known addict and has reddish hair, freckles, is very gaunt and wears clothes that are too big/look like they are hanging off of her. She and her boyfriend move between the U District and Capitol Hill. They do hang out around the U District Safeway, Jack in the Box, around 50th and the Ave.


Luna the Soccer Dog / Photo courtesy Anita Ramasastry

Sounders fans may already be familiar with Luna the Soccer Dog, but now her owners are asking everyone to keep an eye out for her (emphasis mine):

Bring Luna home.  Luna the Soccer Dog appears to have been stolen from outside her Seattle university area home about 5.30 p.m., Saturday, March 3, 2012.  Female Kelpie mix (border collie with dingo ears), black coat, white vest, four white socks, 30lbs.  Wearing tag showing her address (5810 16th Ave, N.E.) and phone (206) 729-8322.  She responds to her name Luna. Responds uniquely to commands including “Pass the Soccer Balls” and “Play Soccer, Luna.”

An eyewitness saw Luna the Soccer Dog being taken by a young white woman, brown hair, in her 20s, who led her in the direction of Ravenna Park.  GENEROUS REWARD For information leading to Luna’s safe return, no questions asked.  Contact above phone (206) 729-8322 or address or email ramawawa1@msn.com.

Luna’s amazing soccer skills have thrilled thousands before Sounders games and in countless other exhibitions (Seattle Weekly YouTube video). Described as World’s Greatest Four-Legged Soccer Player.  BRING LUNA THE SOCCER DOG HOME!

Here’s a map of the area around Luna’s house:

View Luna the Soccer Dog stolen in a larger map

And here’s that Seattle Weekly video she mentioned (from this 2009 SW story):

UW professor’s propeller, bound for park, winds up stolen instead (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Friday, February 3): The propeller has been found! Via Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Parkways blog:

Seattle Parks has possession of the propeller that was stolen earlier this week from the University District. After discovering the stolen propeller at the Northwest Corporate Park in Kent, a security guard contacted the Kent Police Department.


Seattle Parks and Recreation is asking for the public’s help in finding a stolen object bound for installation at a north end park.

The missing object in question: A 70-inch diameter 1,260-pound stainless steel propeller.

Details from Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Dewey Potter (via email):

The University District Community Council and Philip Thiel, naval architect and Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington, were preparing to donate a 70” diameter, stainless steel propeller to Parks as an installation in a north end park.

Unfortunately, thieves drove up an alley in the University District this morning and, managing to overcome the obstacles of both a retaining wall and a fence, lifted the 1,260 lb. propeller onto a truck and drive away with it. There were no witnesses. Neighbors heard a commotion and called the police, but the thieves were long gone.

Professor Thiel and the missing propeller (pre-theft) / Photo courtesy Seattle Parks and Recreation

The propeller is/was to be used in North Passage Point Park in the Northgate area.

The public is asked to keep an eye out for the missing propeller. If spotted, please call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency number (206-684-5011) and contact Seattle Parks and Recreation (206-684-7241).

Ravenna Blog – Sunday Edition

A lost white cat appears! Is he yours? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Tuesday, December 13): We’ve just heard the good news from Anthony (via email): “Just an update, we got in touch with the owners of the white cat last night! He is from a home around 56th and 12th. Thank you again so much for posting that on the blog!”


Readers Anthony and Julia may have found your lost kitty (via email, emphasis ours):

We were just opening the door to leave the apartment and the crafty little guy just snuck inside! We’re on the 1300 block of NE Ravenna [Blvd], so just across from Cowen Park. He’s an all-white adult male, extremely curious and friendly to humans, which leads us to believe he might belong to someone (no collar or microchip, however). We think he may have been missing for a while because he was a bit dirty and had a minor infection around one of his eyes. I have attached a photo that we took. We had to take him into the Seattle Animal Shelter, because our lease doesn’t allow for pets, but we really want to find his owners who must miss him very much!


Anthony and Julia live in the neighborhood nexus of the Ravenna, Roosevelt, and University District neighborhoods, so Lost White Kitty could be from any one of those.

A local burglary report you won’t mind reading

I just was doing my Neighborhood News Site Duty by looking at the latest property crime reports, when I see one for the 6200 block of 23rd Avenue NE on October 31st.

Oh, NOT ANOTHER ONE, I think to myself.

And then I read the report.

Here’s my summary:

Officer is dispatched to the home on Sunday, October 31st. Homeowner tells the officer that a laptop computer and two remote controls have been missing from the house since the evening of October 28th. No forced entry was found, but homeowner had been leaving a side door unlocked while repairs were being done inside.  Officer provides a case number, makes the report, and leaves.

Officer is contacted a short time later by wife of previously mentioned homeowner: Items were not stolen, but placed elsewhere in the house.


I thought with all the recent burglaries, we all might appreciate this particular one.


Here’s the info on the Crime Prevention Meeting being held on Tuesday, November 16th.

On a related note, Roosiehood and the Ravenna Blog will have some news a little later about a crime prevention meeting for our neighborhoods taking place in a couple weeks. STAY TUNED.

Lost White Ferret APB – More info (sort of)

White ferret mug shot (approximate)

If you live near 27th Avenue NE between NE 65th and 60th Streets, be on the lookout for a LOST WHITE FERRET.

Varmint last seen approximately here

Any leads? Contact me here (rebecca [at] ravennablog.com), in the comments below, and/or the twitter feed (twitter.com/RavennaBlog).

Thanks to Nazila for the tip.

UPDATE: More info from a craigslist post:

HALEN got out in the morning on Friday, 10/8. She was last seen on 27th Ave NE. She is albino and about 2 pounds. She is very friendly and curious and will come up to you if she sees you. She won’t bite.

If you have any information, please call Molly at [see below].

I found the post through EveryBlock, but it has since been deleted.  I’m leaving off the contact phone number until I hear back from my source*.


*Yeah, I have a #lostwhiteferretwatch2010 source. U MAD?