Overnight fire at Italian eatery Cafe Da Pino (UPDATES)

Seattle Fire Department units responded to a call at Cafe Da Pino (2207 NE 65th St) just after 2 AM.

Details are few at this time, but KING 5 News’ overnight photographer, James S, said (via Twitter) that there was a small fire in the wall, and that no flames were visible outside the restaurant.

The building the small Italian eatery is located in also contains Vitality Pilates and Thrive Art School.

We will have more details about the fire and damage later in the morning, and will post updates here.

UPDATE (9:31 AM): Picture of the building taken at 8:30 AM shows minimal damage to the exterior of the building. Vitality Pilates at the west end of the building (out of the picture) appeared to be open.

Picture of building that houses Cafe Da Pino, taken the morning after the fire.

UPDATE (10:17 AM): We have details now about the fire from the Seattle Fire Department’s Kyle Moore.

Someone driving by around 2 AM called 911 after seeing flames coming from a wall of the restaurant. After forcibly entering the building, fire fighters encountered lots of smoke, but no flames or heat. They determined the cause was faulty knob and tube wiring in a wall, which had been smoldering for some time. The fire was cut out of the wall. There were no injuries, and the damage is estimated at $20,000 (primarily smoke damage).

UPDATE (12:29 PM): Q13 FOX has story up about the Cafe Da Pino fire, which includes a picture of where fire fighters had to forcibly enter the restaurant (the east side of the building).

UPDATE (3:14 PM): The Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Line site has some photos of this morning’s action.

Click the photo above to read "Electrical Wiring caused Fire at Ravenna Italian Restaurant" on Fire Line

Burglar(s) along NE 65th Street shatter glass, take nothing (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Friday, December 9): Wedgwood Top Pot Doughnuts (6855 35th Ave NE) was hit the same night and in a similar fashion (door glass smashed in, store rifled through, little to nothing taken) as the other two break-ins, an employee of the store told us today. We were also told that the estimated cost to replace the broken, super-thick all-glass door is $3,000.


The alarm at Bagel Oasis (2112 NE 65th St) was tripped Tuesday morning around 3 AM. When owner Peter Ryan arrived, the double-paned safety glass of one of his front doors was found scattered all the way to the bagel case at the other side of the store.

Someone had entered the store, but nothing was taken.

A couple doors down, at the Crepe Cafe (2118 NE 65th St), a pane of glass in the door was found broken, as someone had made an attempt to unlock the door from the outside.

But the door remained shut. And nothing was taken.

Cheryl Olmstead, general manager of the Crepe Cafe, didn’t seem too surprised by the burglary attempts. December turns out to be popular month to break into businesses in the area, she said, citing many examples.

But one specific Christmastime burglary attempt in particular stands out to Ryan: Five years ago, when he and his son arrived at his store to find the burglar still on the premises. They could give Phoenix Jones a run for his money, in our humble opinion.

Should anyone have information that leads “to the arrest of knucklehead who threw a rock through the front door and broke in last night,” Ryan is offering up free bagels per week for a year. Call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency line at: (206) 625-5011.

Busy weekend for police at the northern Ravenna/Roosevelt boundary (Update of Saturday incidents)

UPDATE (Tuesday, September 20): The word on those three incidents on Saturday, September 17, from North Precinct Officer Thomas (via email; emphasis mine):

The first two incidents you mention are the same looking at the event #. In this incident a male was almost home when he was approached by three subjects. One pointed what looked like a gun at the victim and asked him “what he had.” The others told him to put the “heater” away. They were not located. The other incident was a [domestic violence] assault with an arrest. Incident #2011-307248.


It’s been a busy couple of days for police officers in the area just north of the NE 65th St and 15th Ave NE intersection.

View Larger Map

Here are three FOUR police-related incidents we’re currently working on.


Ravenna and Roosevelt residents in the area of 15th Avenue NE between NE 65th St and NE 75th St may have woken up a bit on the early side on Friday morning, September 16.

Two residents reported hearing two loud bangs/explosions just after 5 AM that morning. Several others remarked about a hovering helicopter in the area. Metro bus routes 72 and 73 (northbound only) were rerouted around the area during this time, “due to an incident.”

Local resident Sue went so far as to call the Seattle Police Department (at, we assume, their public information number) and was told (per her email to us), “[T]he helicopters might be related to a Bellevue police search for someone on an arrest warrant.”


ADDED Saturday, 10:24 PM: The editor over at Roosiehood emailed over the following from area resident Kelly (written on Roosiehood’s Facebook page):

I called the police Friday AM and they told me the explosions were some sort of compression bombs that were launched by the Bellevue police to flush someone they had a search warrant for out of one of the Sisley properties. Seattle police were aware of the situation. It really frightened me!

Reminder: At this time, I do not have confirmation of an address or block that the Bellevue Police were targeting that morning.


We were able to confirm through SPD Officer Brian Thomas (the Community Police Team member for the area) that the Bellevue Police had been in the area, but he had no further information on the activity.

Our call to the Bellevue Police Department Public Information Officer on Friday has gone unanswered, thus far.

If/When we learn more information about this activity, we will update this post.


[Recent update for this section is at the top of this post.]

There have been two three events in the area so far today:

  1. This morning at 1:12 AM, an armed robbery took place on the 6800 block of 16th Ave NE.
  2. This morning at 4 AM, an armed burglary (with a gun) was reported in the 1500 block of 68th Avenue NE.
  3. At approximately 10 AM, Ravenna resident Sarah reported (via text) “Cops all over 65 n 15th now!” and, when asked about which kind of police (Seattle or Bellevue), she said, “Spd they were arresting[.]”

We will get in touch with Officer Thomas tomorrow (Sunday) and see if he can provide any more information on these two three incidents. Updates will be posted below.

Now, let’s all have a quiet Sunday, shall we?

Girl on bicycle hit, injured by car while crossing NE 65th St (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Sunday, 7:25PM): She’s okay.

Michelle, the mother of the two girls, left a couple messages on the Ravenna Blog facebook page, and I share them with you here:

Hello, I am the mother of the little girl that was struck by the car on 65th while riding the bike. She is ok. Her name is Elle Grant and she was riding with her sister Bella. They were headed out for a bike ride around the block (70th) without me and decided it was too hot to wear helmets and took them off after leaving the house. The report Bella gave me was that they were in search for an adventure and somehow (a thought that makes my stomache turn) they decided to cross 65th. I heard the sirens and tried not to overreact. But then i started to panic, and as i headed for the door, Bella was running up the street screaming that her sister had been hit on 65th.

The long and short is that we had a long 24 hours at Harborview but Elle is ok. If anyone knows the driver, i would like to contact her. I feel so terrible for her. Thanks to all of you that helped my daughters yesterday. I am eternally in your debt. The truth is, there really are angels walking this earth and I am lucky to have had them so close to my children at our scariest hour.
Thank you.


Just after 11AM this morning, one of two girls on bikes crossing NE 65th St at 23rd Avenue NE was struck by a car headed west on NE 65th St.

View Accident location in a larger map

Patty Campbell, the editor of Roosiehood, and her fiancé, Dom, were at the Ravenna Varsity (2300 NE 65th St) when the accident occurred.

Here is their account of the accident (via text messages):

Driver was going west, 2 girls, about 6 and 8, were crossing 65th ON bikes at 23rd. We were at the Varsity having breakfast. Dom saw it happen.

Driver saw the older girl dart out and threw on brakes, but the little one went out in front of her sister and I think her tire got hit.

No helmets. Girl’s head hit the pavement. Blood. Screaming. We all went out and blocked traffic. There was a doctor there who helped.

They live […] fairly close, I assume. Older girl ran back to get mom.

As I was writing this post, Corinne left the following comment on the Ravenna Blog’s facebook page:

There was a car/bike collision on 65th and 23rd. Two little girls riding their bikes across the street and one of them got hit by a car. It looks like it was a pretty minor incident; the little girl and her family were taken to the hospital to get her checked out. I was really impressed with how everyone was doing their best to get the little girl help. What a horrible Saturday for everyone involved. All the EMT workers/cops etc kept saying ‘she’s going to be fine, she’s going to be just fine.’ I would love to hear how she is doing if anyone knows anything further.

At this time, I have no information on the condition of the injured girl. I have contacted the Public Information Officer at the Seattle Fire Department for more information and will update this post if/when I learn more.

Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine to open this Thursday

Less than two weeks after the previous tenant, Himalayan Kitchen, shut its doors, the restaurant space at 2255 NE 65th Street is (nearly) ready to open to customers once again.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine.

I talked with Harissa’s front-of-the-house man, Denzel, this afternoon about the new restaurant, and the food (Lebanese, by chef and owner Walid Alabtan), and he’s very excited. One might say he’s giddy.

They are celebrating the grand opening weekend with a 2-for-1 special (bring the flyer to redeem the deal; good through Sunday, November 7th). They’ve canvassed my part of the neighborhood already, but if you haven’t yet received your flyer, Denzel said to stop by the restaurant tomorrow, after 11 am, to pick one up.

Harissa will be open for lunch and dinner, Tuesdays through Sundays, from 11:30am-10:30pm.

Oh, and, would you like to see a menu?

Click on the image to open it to full size (big file)

Denzel said that they’re happy do to-go orders, but to please give the restaurant at least a 30 minute lead time, especially this first week. The phone number is (206) 588-0650.

Beer and wine will also be available.


UPDATE (Thursday, Nov. 4): Interview post with chef and owner Walid Alabtan is here:” Harissa: A chat with chef and owner Walid Alabtan.”

I hope to speak with chef and owner Walid tomorrow, if he’s available. (As you can imagine, everybody’s pretty busy over there at this time.)

Lost White Ferret APB – More info (sort of)

White ferret mug shot (approximate)

If you live near 27th Avenue NE between NE 65th and 60th Streets, be on the lookout for a LOST WHITE FERRET.

Varmint last seen approximately here

Any leads? Contact me here (rebecca [at] ravennablog.com), in the comments below, and/or the twitter feed (twitter.com/RavennaBlog).

Thanks to Nazila for the tip.

UPDATE: More info from a craigslist post:

HALEN got out in the morning on Friday, 10/8. She was last seen on 27th Ave NE. She is albino and about 2 pounds. She is very friendly and curious and will come up to you if she sees you. She won’t bite.

If you have any information, please call Molly at [see below].

I found the post through EveryBlock, but it has since been deleted.  I’m leaving off the contact phone number until I hear back from my source*.


*Yeah, I have a #lostwhiteferretwatch2010 source. U MAD?