Light Rail update: Roosevelt Station news, Brooklyn Station Open House

UPDATE (2:37 PM): Oops! Should have read “Thursday, January 27” NOT 29. Many thanks to lovely Rita who pointed this out in the comments below.

Meeting news first: There is a Brooklyn Station Open House this Thursday, January 29 27, at the University Heights Center (5031 University Way NE). The meeting is from 6 – 8 PM in the second floor auditorium. Presentation to begin at 6:30 PM.

To be discussed at the meeting are:

  • Two underground station design options
  • Station access and entrance locations
  • Construction plans

Those interested in the new Light Rail Station process for the Roosevelt Station might be interested in attending these meetings for the station to the south.

JnS Phonograph Needles… closed

Now the Roosevelt Station news (from Sound Transit):

Properties acquired for Roosevelt Station, townhouses possibly relocated

In preparation for constructing Roosevelt Station, Sound Transit has purchased several properties including Standard Phonograph on NE 65th Street, the QFC grocery store on Roosevelt Way NE, and the vacant lot at the northwest corner of 12th Avenue NE and NE 67th Street. Sound Transit has purchased (or has a purchase and sale agreement for) each of the eight townhouses on NE 66th Street across from the QFC parking lot.

Some building tenants continue to lease from Sound Transit. As tenants move out, the agency takes on building and landscaping maintenance, with staff conducting regular site visits.

As part of its sustainability program, Sound Transit has hired Nickel Brothers to oversee the potential relocation of the eight townhouses (four duplex buildings) on NE 66th Street. Nickel Brothers will advertise the townhouse builldings as available for relocation in 2011 and, if they are sold, will move the buildings to a new location.

The area in question:

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  1. Thursday is January 27! NOT 29th.

  2. I am a Beacon Hill resident – Sound Transit inundated with information for 2 years prior to light rail installation – not one of the numerous publications residents received included any reference to the massive, industrial light poles that were installed down a quiet residental street and through a beautiful hilltop park – beware of what Sound Transit tells you is planned and make sure you discuss the impact on your existing power situation – we are currently in talks with City Light and several city council members about what was implemented and why we weren’t told.

  3. barkingmad says:

    Sorry to hear that the building which houses J&S Phonograph will be demolished. That’s a great old building. Roosevelt is losing its historical character, I’m afraid.

  4. Argelpooty says:

    So Sound Transit will spend gobs of cash “moving” the cheap and cheerful new townhouses but will happily demolish the J&S building with its clasy art-deco frontage? There’s nothing “sound” about ST.

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