More burglaries hit the neighborhood (updated)

UPDATE (9:27 am): Steve also adds:

The thieves have been stealing laptops, jewelry and rifling through medicine cabinets, and it seems like they are pretty quick. The breakins seem to happen in the morning shortly after residents leave for work.

UPDATE (8:09 am): Here is a map of the area that Steve was talking about in his comment:

Portion of a Seattle Crime map showing area SE of Froula Park (click to go to full map at

The incident represented by the blue dot above occurred on the 6700 block of 15th Ave NE on Tuesday, October 26th, and is the only burglary for which there is a full police report available, at this time.

When the homeowner arrived at home in the afternoon, he found a rear window smashed.  Handguns were discovered stolen, removed from a gun case that was broken into using the homeowner’s own tools from his garage.  Several rifles and assault weapons in the homeowner’s collection remained in the house, however. Also discovered missing was some cash, jewelry, a camera and an iPod.


Just received the following comment from Steve (in the “Bryant Elementary burglarized on Wednesday” post; excerpted here):

There have been a rash of recent burglaries around my neighborhood (73rd block of 16th Ave NE). There were 3 on the 26th, 2 yesterday, and 1 today. We just just had a block meeting to discuss steps for heightened vigilance & awareness. We’re also going to be meeting with a police rep.

There is no information on these burglaries yet available online (my site of choice) but I will update this post when/if the police reports become available.


  1. WOW. Keep us posted!

  2. I hope you’re able to get more info. Thanks for posting.


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