Deadliest Catch caught! at Sand Point Metropolitan Market

My son and I happened to be munching on one of the four cheeses available for sampling this afternoon at the Sand Point Metropolitan Market (5250 40th Ave NE), when we came across this display (promoting the Alaskan Red King Crab they have available in store right now):

Oh, HI THERE, Captain Jonathan!

A Deadliest Catch episode, playing INSIDE a crab pot. Cute.

Got me thinking: MORE retail establishments should hide TVs in their stores, for disinterested and/or reluctant shoppers to enjoy. I’m looking at YOU, Macy’s.


Last year, yours truly dressed as Captain Phil (God rest his soul) for Halloween. If you’d like to see a picture of that costume, leave a comment below.  TEN comments, and I’ll stick a link somewhere to the picture.