NEW weekly feature: Your Moment of Ravenna Zen

As your friendly neighborhood news site, we often come across little bits and pieces of interesting things that we don’t quite know where to put on the site.

This week, we decided that we’ve been hoarding these interesting tidbits for long enough.

Welcome to “Your Moment of Ravenna Zen”* — a (hopefully) weekly look at the little things that make our neighborhood the special place that we know and love.

For this first installment, we bring you 49 seconds of Ravenna Creek, from seacam’s YouTube channel. Enjoy.

Do YOU have a Moment of Ravenna Zen to share? Email, or use our handy dandy comment form to tell us about it.


*Yes, keen observers will note that we may have been inspired by a similarly named segment at the tail end of every episode of The Daily Show.