VOTE (updatedx3)

UPDATE (5:55 pm): Picture of the ballot box in question is now posted (thanks, U District Daily).

And Husband tells me that the ballot box hasn’t been IN the University Service Center for a few years now. I maintain that calling it the “University Service Center Ballot Drop Box” yet not having it in/near the University Service Center is still notable.

UPDATE (12:59 pm): We have learned, via twitter, that the reason for the multi-colored “I VOTED” logo was “This elections ballots are green themed and we wanted the stickers to match the ballots.”  MYSTERY SOLVED. Thank you to Paul at @KIRO7Seattle for asking the question!

UPDATE (9:09 am): The University Service Center ballot box is back at the corner of University Way NE and NE 50th Street, and is reported to be in heavy use. It should be accepting ballots until 8 pm this evening.

Not the most patriotic color scheme I’ve ever seen, King County Elections, but at least you’re making the effort to make up for the loss of the “I VOTED” stickers (I believe they were considered “gifts” or “payment” or some such and done away with).

If you’re around the University District today, and want to save your 44 cents, the University Service Center‘s ballot drop box is BACK.

Photo courtesy of the U District Daily (

However, it might not be where you think it is.

The U District Daily reported yesterday that the drop box is not located IN the Neighborhood Service Center, but at the corner of “Northeast 50th Street and University Way NE in the University District Farmers Market parking lot.”

However, as the comments on the U District Daily story show, the box has since moved, AGAIN, and voters are urged to drop their ballots off at the nearby University Heights Center.

On second thought, maybe you SHOULD spend that 44 cents on that stamp.