Cafe Racer community remembers, and celebrates (PHOTOS)

Last night, as people started to gather at Cafe Racer (5828 Roosevelt Way NE) to mourn and to celebrate, we asked one of our Ravenna neighbors, Steve Sorbo, if he wouldn’t mind heading over there to take some pictures and share the experience. (Steve also worked with us on the Steve Jobs tribute posts last October.)

We are leaving his photo collection here for the neighbors and friends of Cafe Racer who could not be there last night, and to honor those whose lives were lost.

Peace be to their memory.


  1. Thank you for this. Truly touching to see these images.

  2. MarcusM says:

    Thank you for your coverage throughout this tragedy. I appreciate your emphasis on the victims and getting the bad guy off the street. This is truly sad. I was embarassed and hurt by the poor timing and reckless comments by our mayor and council member – a grandstand at precisely the wrong moment. The political message wasn’t in error, their timing stunk – pushing global solutions while we’re waiting to hear where the killer might be … ignorant and lacking insight. It was nice to have your reports; initially and in respect of the victims later in the night and today. Thank you for the coverage, insight and sensitivity. May the family, friends, and community begin the healing process. Marcus


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