Lost dog in aisle 3: Pooch found near Trader Joe’s [HAPPY UPDATE]

UPDATE (Saturday, 12:27PM): Just received word from Patrick that the cute pooch’s owner has been found!

I wanted everyone to know that through the power of technology (microchip inserted in the dog), the internet and all of your participation we were able to reunite the dog we found with its owner (in less than 24 hours!)

Good work, everyone.


Missing anything?


My wife and I just found a small male dog down near the Roosevelt Trader Joe’s [4555 Roosevelt Way NE] at 4pm Friday 13th. He had no collar but is clearly someone’s pet. He’s well mannered and responds to people.

If this is your dog, or you know who he belongs to, contact me at rebecca@ravennablog.com. I’ll put you in contact with the kind folks who’ve picked up your pooch.

Thank you to Patrick for the email and the picture.

P.S. This is Patrick. He’s an artist. I am really enjoying looking at his work.

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