Local things to see or do this weekend

If you haven’t caught my cold by this weekend, here are some local events worth leaving the house for.


  • Pancake Art Contest (Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, 6535 Ravenna Ave NE, 9-11 am; breakfast admission $3, Pancake Artist entry fee $5) – Enjoy a pancake breakfast (including toppings, bacon and beverages) and/or show off your pancake decorating skills in competition. Prizes awarded to each age group. Money benefits the Ravenna Community Garden (Project Ravenna Phase 2).
  • Will Bake For Food (University Congregational Church’s Ostrander Hall, 4515 16th Ave NE, 10 am-2 pm; food donations or money) – Over 60 local food bloggers hold a bake sale for Northwest Harvest, their baked goods exchanged for your donations. Read the Ravenna Blog post about this event, or head to the Will Bake For Food website for more information.
  • Free Wine Tastings (McCarthy & Schiering, 6500 Ravenna Ave NE, 11 am-5 pm) – Two try this Saturday are two 2005 Corliss Estates Reds. Read more about them here.


  • Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale (Ida Culver House Ravenna, 2315 NE 65th St, 11 am-5 pm) = Selection of homemade jewelry, quilts, paintings, organic dog treats, greeting cards, baked goods and more will be for sale. Proceeds benefit the retirement community’s garden club.

Your Busy Weekend for August 28-29

You could clean your garage this weekend, like you’ve been meaning to do for MONTHS. But here are some other options for your weekend that you might enjoy a little more than that:


  • Make an oven powered by the sun.
    • Solar Cooker class, University Heights Center, 5031 University Way NE; 10am-2pm; $10, register by calling 527-4278
  • Go to a winery open house in Roosevelt.
    • Eight Bells Winery open house, 6213B Roosevelt Way NE; 11am-5pm; please RVSP to rsvp [at] 8bellswindery.com
  • And/Or stay in Ravenna and taste wine.
  • Go play, eat, run, dance, paddle, bounce and more, all at the same place.


  • Go to story time, no matter how old you are.
    • Adult Storytime, Ravenna Third Place Books, 6504 20th Ave. NE; bring a short work from your favorite author or poet to read aloud


Anything else to add? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll edit the post!

Free Wine Tastings and a New Neighborhood Winery OPEN HOUSE

The Ravenna McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants (6500 Ravenna Ave NE) usually has free tastings on Saturdays, and this weekend is no exception.  From 11am-5pm they are sampling seven different varieties of 2008 Oregon Pinot Noirs. See the full selection here, at their weekly news page.

Now, a local free tasting of seven different Pinot Noirs is pretty great news. But the other wine event today promoted on the McC&S site is pretty darn fantastic, too.

There’s a WINERY opening in the Roosevelt/Ravenna neighborhood! And they have an open house today AND next Saturday, also from 11am-5pm.

Eight Bells Winery, in the heart of the audio/visual area of Roosevelt

Eight Bells Winery (6213B Roosevelt Way NE; 8bellswinery.com) is jointly owned and operated by three guys (Tim Bates, Andy Shepherd and Frank Michiels), one of whom (Tim) has been making wine on his own since 1980. Andy joined him in 1996, and Frank completed the trio in 2006 (came to watch, ended up fermenting 100 pounds of grapes in his own kitchen for the cause).  Read more about them on the Eight Bells Winery About Us page.

They do ask that you RSVP if you plan on attending either open house (rsvp [at] 8bellswinery.com).

Eight Bells will have samples of their Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Tempranillo (all 2009) for tasting and sales (read more about these wines here).

Also on display and for sale during the Eight Bells Winery open houses are paintings by Seattle artists Patty Ryan, Rita Marlowe, and Susan Hamilton. Read about these artists and see samples of their work on Eight Bells’ art page.

If those links aren’t enough, Eight Bells also has a facebook page, where you can see some pictures of the new winery’s interior.