Thursday in the Park with Snow

Ice Storm Thursday: What’s open, what’s not, around Ravenna (UPDATES)

Anything open out there? Ravenna Ave NE and NE 65th St, taken at 8:51 AM


Here’s what we’ve heard is closed (or open) in or near the neighborhood today (in alphabetical order):

ALL Seattle Schools = CLOSED
Apple Store = OPEN, but closing at 2 PM
Bagel Oasis = OPEN until 2PM
Bartell Drugs = All local stores OPEN, but University Ave NE location’s pharmacy is CLOSED
Blossoming Buds Cottage = CLOSED
Burke Museum = CLOSED
COA Tequileria = OPEN at 4 PM, with their new menu!
Create & Barrel = CLOSED
Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza = OPEN
GAP = OPEN, but closing at 3 PM
glassybaby = OPEN, closing at 3 PM
Grand Illusion Cinema = OPEN
H&M = OPEN, but closing at 3 PM
The Herbalist = OPEN but may close early
Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon = CLOSED
The Local Vine = OPEN
Maple Leaf Ace Hardware = CLOSED
MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) = CLOSED
Northeast Branch = CLOSED (as are all Seattle Public Library branches)
Pinup Salon = CLOSED
Planet Happy Toys = CLOSED
Queen Mary Tea Room = OPEN
Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center = CLOSED (as are all Seattle Parks and Recreation facilities and activities
Ravenna Third Place Books = OPEN until 5 PM
Sunlight Cafe = OPEN
Taste of India = OPEN
Trophy Cupcakes = all locations OPEN until 3 PM, and first 10 to say “Snow Day” Get a FREE cupcake
University District Food Bank = OPEN from 10 AM-3 PM
UW Neighborhood Clinic – Ravenna = OPEN at noon, reduced hours
Varlamos Pizzeria = OPEN
Vios Cafe = OPEN until 2:30 PM
Wayward Coffeehouse = OPEN
Wedgwood Safeway = store and pharmacy both OPEN
Wedgwood Top Pot Doughnuts = OPEN until 3 PM (dozens 1/2 off if you mention seeing the deal online!)
Whole Foods at Roosevelt Square = OPEN until 6 PM
Zoka Coffee = OPEN until 4 PM

Our next ‘hood neighbors at the Roosevelt Neighborhood Blog are also keeping track of closures (and have a Cowen Park sledding video to boot).

We’ll update this post throughout the day. If you learn of any other openings or closures, let us know and we’ll add them in.

If you HAVE to drive in snowy Northeast Seattle, here’s how (UPDATE)

Whether you’re putting your trust in the National Weather Service or UW Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Cliff Mass, there’s no denyin’ that there’s gonna be more snow in the next couple days.

In case you need to travel to and/or from Northeast Seattle during the snow, you’ll want to know which roads are being kept clear by Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews, and which are not.

NE portion of SDOT's snow route service map - click to enlarge

To the right is a portion of SDOT’s snow map, focused on Northeast Seattle (full map here; 810 KB PDF). There are three different street service levels assigned to those arterial streets which are the busiest, connect neighborhoods with downtown, are used by transit and public safety agencies (police, fire), and reach schools and hospitals.

These different levels are to let users know which routes are being serviced and what conditions to expect. They are not prioritized — road servicing is ongoing at all levels as needed.

The different levels as shown on the map are:

Level 1 (yellow) -ALL lanes bare and wet
Level 2 (blue) – ONE lane each direction bare and wet
Level 3 (green) – Curves, hills and stopping zones treated

You can find Seattle’s Winter Weather Readiness and Response Plan here, which includes road treatment descriptions, facility and fleet information, links to city communication tools, and more.

As for tips on how to drive in the snow, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has a few to read, or watch on YouTube.

Take Winter By Storm’s website has lots of checklists you can use to be fully prepared both on the road and at home.

And then there’s PEMCO Insurance’s “The right way to abandon your car in a snowstorm.” You may want to print that one out to stick in your glove compartment, just in case.


UPDATE (Wednesday, 9:43 AM): City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw just tweeted out a great link for those us us curious about road conditions in Northeast Seattle AND citywide.

SDOT's Winter Weather map page (static screengrab taken Wednesday morning) -- click to go to the site

SDOT’s Winter Weather map shows which streets have been treated and/or plowed, and how long ago they were last serviced.

Different parts of the city can be selected from a dropdown menu at the top-right of the page (“Select Neighborhood”). Different road service levels are shown in different colors, as well as the different types of service (liquid de-icer vs. plows with and without salt spreaders).

Nifty map aside, we recommend drivers check out road conditions locally for themselves before heading out.

Ravenna snow picture post! (UPDATES)

My favorite thing about snow falling is how it makes the neighborhood look — which calls for a picture post!



Adam Merrill sent us "Snowman-Henge" from the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center playfield.

Joel Magalnick caught the Snowman-Henge makers in action.


Somebirdy out there has cold feet. (Ravenna Community Garden)

Snow on the ground? Swiss chard don

A Snow Family appears! This is 3/4 of the clan. Rock Head is the character on the far right. (7000 block of Ravenna Ave NE)

Patriarch of the Snow Family, Cowboy Bob.

Ben the Dog! Awww.

And this is Theo the Cat. I believe the red bit is the tail.

Normally located in the tropical rainforest belt of north Ravenna (7000 block of 23rd Ave NE), these two palm trees were unprepared for the sudden change of weather.

The palm trees


David Washington was

My neighbor

This guy looks a little cold.

Have any good shots of your own to share? We’d be happy to help show them off to the rest of the neighborhood here. Send them to, or link to them in the comments.

Snow! Were you ready? (Updated)

In case we wake up on the morning and it’s ALL GONE like the weather folks are forecasting, here are a few pictures and one video of my corner of Ravenna in the snow.

Ready for its close-up.

Frosty? Indeed.

Nice swag you got there.


UPDATE (11:11 PM): My final tally (on the back porch table) —

Three inches!

Stay Safe: Get Ready for Snow

Safety Girl reads the weather reports, too, and she has some snow tips for the neighborhood.


A few inches of snow is no big deal in other parts of the country, but we’ve already been reminded this season that Seattle can grind to a halt under anything more than a light dusting. Here is a quick refresh before the snow flies:

  • Run errands early
  • Stay aware of changing weather conditions
  • Prevent slip-and-falls
  • Don’t let your pipes freeze
  • Be careful on the roads

Run errands early

Don’t wait until the snow is falling before you head out for supplies. Make a pit stop at the grocery or hardware store for any snow supplies you may need. Pick up enough groceries for the duration of the storm, so you won’t be forced to venture out in bad weather. Remember things like a bag of rock salt for the front steps, cat litter or traction grit to keep in your car, and fresh batteries for flashlights in case the power goes out.

Stay aware of changing weather conditions

Snow and storm forecasting is more reliable than it used to be, but still no sure thing. If you’re headed to work or a social event near the time a storm is predicted, keep an eye outside and don’t be afraid to leave if the weather starts to take a turn for the worse.

It’s also best, if you can, to head for home around sunset. Outdoor temperatures drop—and ice forms much more quickly—soon after dark.

Prevent slip-and-falls

When you go out, wear shoes with good tread and try to avoid carrying heavy loads (another reason to grocery shop beforehand). Slips are a frequent cause of injuries during the winter months, and a sprained wrist or broken tailbone can really ruin your month.

When you have an outside entrance to your home, it’s important to shovel and salt your porch steps and your front walk so you or your visitors don’t fall. This is more common several days into a storm, when old snowy footprints turn into uneven ice. Spread rock salt every day, shoveling beforehand if necessary.

Don’t let your pipes freeze

Homedwellers- if the temperature drops below freezing, take precautions to avoid broken pipes. Letting faucets run a slight trickle of water overnight can prevent freezing and bursting. If you’re concerned about water waste, put large containers underneath the faucets, and use the water the following day.

If you own your home or townhouse, you may want to check out more detailed information about insulating your plumbing and preventing frozen pipes.

Be careful on the roads

If you’re not confident in your ability to drive in the snow, or if your vehicle is not prepared for snowy conditions, it’s best to stay home or take the Metro. In the last snow post we covered making a storm kit, chaining your car, and steering out of a skid.

And remember, 4WD does not improve your braking:


Add to the burglary deterrent list: SNOW

Two great crime deterrents that go great together

Maple Leaf Life beat us to the story, but we think it’s worth mentioning again: The map of property crimes during the recent snows is a good un’:

Property crime map for our area from November 21 through 27 (via Seattle Crime). Blue dots represent property crime activity prior to the snowfall.

But tomorrow is another day, and that day is a snow-less Monday. With most of the burglaries in our area happening during daylight hours during the week, it’s time to get back into our crime deterrent habits:

  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Leave some lights on to look as though someone is home (the sun goes down now at 4 pm, remember?)
  • If you’ve got an alarm system, ARM IT
  • If you see something suspicious, CALL IT IN (Seattle Police non-emergency number is (206) 625-5011)
  • Take your valuables out of your underwear drawer and put them in your bread drawer (or somewhere else just as unguessable)

Snow Day #2 in pictures (updated)

Round 2: Some pictures taken on the way to and fro the View Ridge PCC, where my Thanksgiving Turkey was awaiting pick-up.

Fountain of ICE

There’s a house down the street from me with a rather fascinating collection of yard art, among which is this fountain.

You can’t quite see the ice in this still photograph, but let me tell you: Everything but that horizontal jet of water is FROZEN. Can’t wait to see what the fountain looks like tomorrow!

Festive flora

These are a couple of savvy sledders at about NE 68th St and 28th Ave NE. Note the presence of helmets, keeping their noggins both warm AND safe.

Northeast Library

"It's STILL fall!" they shouted, as we walked past.

Headed back home, with turkey in tow


Round 1: Just back from a brief walk-about. Here are some of my pictures.

East-bound NE 65th St, in front of The Herbalist

Close-up of NE 65th St - bare and wet on the roadway most traveled

There’s a lot of side streets in this part of Ravenna that make for great sledding. And I would consider NE 68th Street as it crosses 20th Avenue NE to be the biggest and best.

Downward and west-bound, and sliding through NE 68th St and 20th Ave NE

But in order to slide it safely, you need a couple of responsible-types to stand on 20th to hold traffic.

Guard Number 1, for north-bound traffic on 20th Ave NE

Guard Number 2, watching for south-bound traffic on 20th Ave NE

The snow-covered hilly streets around here are a pain for drivers, but perfect for snow days like today.  And, on a personal note, I just love seeing everyone coming out to play, and keeping it safe for everyone.

Yard waste bin sledding "marker" at NE 70th St and 21st Ave NE (looking west)

I saw a few of these on my walk as well: Big plastic bins or tubs in the center of intersections, at the bottoms of sledding hills.  Definitely not as safe as having an actual person looking out for traffic, though.

Snow-bound information (last updated at 4:44 pm)

I’m going to keep this page updated throughout the day on things that are open, closed, working, frozen, covered, etc.

Please email in your updates as you come across any information, and I’ll add them to the list.

Furthermore, if you have a question about whether something is open, closed, working, etc., send it on in!


Newest information at the top:

Seattle Public Libraries – Closing today at 5 pm. Open Wednesday from 12-5 pm, and closed on Thursday (Thanksgiving).

Harrissa Mediterranean Cuisine – OPEN as usual, AND on Thanksgiving

Crepe Cafe – CLOSED

Ravenna-Bryant Community Center – Officially open from 1-4pm today. Tomorrow looks like 11 am-6 pm, but that is not official yet.

View Ridge (and other) PCC – OPEN (via twitter)

Seattle Public Utilities (garbage, recycling and yard waste) – Put your bins out on their normal day of collection. If they are not collected, leave them out for the next day. If your bins have still not collected after two days, put them back out again on your next regular pick-up day.

NO SOLID WASTE PICKUPS TODAY. Put bins out on next regular pickup day (twice as much for no extra charge). Updates here:

Seattle Public Libraries – open at 1 pm as warming centers
Parks/Community Centers – to close at 4 pm

Postal Service – You know the jingle. They should be out there.

Seattle Public Schools – CLOSED. That goes for classes and activities alike.

University of Washington – CLOSED. They call it “suspending operations,” but they ARE a university, after all.

Snow! (updatedx2)

UPDATE (Monday evening): Two LOVELY photos from reader Annie (click images to view full size).

UPDATE (Monday morning): I took a Ravenna snow picture to start things off.

The car in the driveway at 7 am.


As I write this, from a church basement in downtown Seattle, it is snowing in Ravenna.

The lens on my camera is not *quite* good enough to catch any shots of snow in Northeast Seattle from here, but if YOU have any good pictures, feel free to send them in.

In times of interesting weather, I’d love to have an open post going on the site that we can keep update with pictures from the neighborhood.